Public Engagement

As both a scholar and screen production practitioner, Virginia Pitts has a unique skillset to offer academic researchers who want to engage the public with their work through audio-visual means.

Virginia has a doctorate in Film Studies, has held lectureships in the UK and Aotearoa New Zealand, and has produced both traditional and artistic research (i.e. practice-based research, using UK terminology). You can download her academic CV here.

Whether you want to collaborate with Virginia as an artistic researcher, or simply have her produce a public engagement video for you, she can offer you academic experience, intellectual insight, and the ability to make complex ideas accessible audio-visually.

Through Mudshine Films, Virginia has recently purchased the equipment required to shoot and edit public engagement videos. This is a great advantage given that audio-visual equipment in universities is normally subject to very limited availability.  Click here for details of Mudshine Films’ equipment.

Virginia is affiliated with UCL’s public engagement initiative, the London Brain Project, which was established to engage the public with brain sciences through the arts. Prior to purchasing Mudshine’s new equipment, and with only four hours to shoot (in an atrium with bad acoustics!), Virginia made a 20-minute documentary video, Beyond My Brain, for the London Brain Project covering a workshop they ran for children with acquired brain injury.

As you can see, the LBP directors were very happy with her work:

“We wanted to capture some of the rich conversations that took place between children with brain injury and their families, scientists and artists, as they co-created artwork together during one of our Art-Science workshops.  Virginia achieved this and more, while also responding sensitively to the situation. The film she produced captured the essence of the day, revealing the intimate and often moving exchanges between parent and child, and between patient and practitioner, which often go unseen.  The film is as a perfect testament to our ethos and our mission. Virginia was a real pleasure to work with – always professional, positive and personable”   – Louise Weiss, Co-director: London Brain Project

Whether you are looking for a traditional documentary-style video, a series of videos, or to collaborate on a more experimental venture, Virginia would be delighted to discuss your project with you. Please contact her here.